Total Trim 11 - 6 Bottles
Total Trim 11 - 6 Bottles


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Total Trim 11 - 6 Bottles

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In this unique formula, we took the 11 most powerful fat burning ingredients on the planet and combined them into one formula that can help trim away body fat. 


Total Trim 11 is particularly known for boosting your fat burning hormones to make losing body fat easier


Ingredients Include:


Thiamin Monoitrate

Thiamin Mononitrate is a vitamin that the body needs in order to break down protein and fat, as proven in numerous studies documented by the US National Journal of Medicine.


It is also one of the key vitamins involved in transforming proteins and fats into energy.


That means if you’re low on Thiamin Mononitrate, which is common in folks over 30, more of the food you eat gets stored as fat, instead of being burned as energy.



Riboflavin functions similarly to Thiamin Mononitrate in that it plays a key role in helping the body convert food to energy, preventing it from being stored as fat, and even helping the body burn off excess fat stores as energy.


While Thiamin Mononitrate converts proteins and fats into energy, Riboflavin converts sugar and carbs into energy, as proven by scientists at Harvard University.


The combo of Thiamin Mononitrate and Riboflavin means that all of the foods you eat will have their best chance at being converted into good-feeling energy without being stored as fat.


Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

CLA is widely known and accepted as one of nature’s most powerful fat burning nutrients. With Eva Selhub from Harvard Medical school reporting that individuals who took the right amount of CLA daily saw a “significant decrease in body fat mass and diameter of the abdomen.”


That means less body fat AND belly fat.


CLA also has been proven to lead to “fat cell apoptosis” according to the National Institutes of Health… apoptosis is a fancy word for cell death.


And when fat cells die, they do NOT return, meaning CLA can help produce very powerful, noticeable effects in shrinking your belly fat, or anywhere else fat is particularly stubborn for you.



Niacin is one of the oldest treatments for high cholesterol and excess fat.


Niacin treats this in a very special way: by breaking down fat cells and releasing the toxins that get stored in them.


Fat cells are notoriously good at storing toxins, especially the rampant types of toxins in the foods we eat, water we drink, and air we breathe. In turn, these toxins actually signal to your body to STORE EVEN MORE FAT as a survival mechanism.


Niacin helps fat cell break down so that those toxins get released, and the body can in turn shed more fat.



5-HTP is the key nutrient that converts to serotonin in the body.


And if you didn’t know, when serotonin gets released into the body, it makes you feel good, and full – it is even called both “nature’s own appetite suppressant,” and the “happy hormone.”


Now why is it important that you have the “happy hormone” in your body in order to help with weight loss?


Because the happier you are, the less unnecessary food cravings you will have – particularly carbohydrate cravings. Refined carbohydrate foods like pasta are called “comfort foods” for a reason – they produce similar effects in the body to serotonin.


But once you’re taking the nutrient 5-HTP regularly, you won’t have such intense carbohydrate cravings, because your body will be producing the serotonin it needs to feel full and happy.


This is one of the approaches that makes Total Trim 11 completely unique from anything else out there.



Glucomannan is a well-studied nutrient that has also been shown to increase feelings of fullness, by extracting more nutrients from the foods you currently eat.


Meaning each bite of food gets more nutritional “bang” for your buck, so you won’t find yourself wanting that next slice of pizza or that late night snack.


Caralluma Fimbriata

Research suggests that Caralluma Fimbriata helps block the enzymes - Citrate Lyase and Malonyl Coenzyme A. These enzymes are involved in fat production.


So with this ingredient in the mix, we have a much better chance of avoiding weight gain.


Guarana Extract

Guarana Extract has been known for it’s many benefits like:

  • Weight loss support
  • Reduce mental and physical fatigue
  • Boost energy levels
  • Treat low blood pressure
  • And much more


This ingredient is an absolute must have in our formula for Total Trim 11.


Vitamin B9 & Vitamin B12

These incredible vitamins are proven metabolism boosters and these vitamins also help with the absorption of Iron. On top of that, they help make red blood cells which helps reduce fatigue and improve energy levels.

Total Trim 11 - 6 Bottles
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